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The Athlete, Fashion Designer, Creative Entrepreneur and Actress

Ogom also known as “OG”, is more than just a pretty face. She is a triple “B” threat, encompassing Beauty, Body and Brains all rolled into one. The importance of knowledge and education have been the tools of success in her life. Because nothing was handed to Ogom on a silver platter, she had more reason to work twice as hard, than the next. With her articulate manner and intelligence, OG has proven successful thus far.

The Athlete: 

This Nigerian Knockout packs a mean hit on the gridiron, as the captain and FIRST female football player to complete a ten [1O] years and eleven [11] seasons run consecutively; before retiring in 2019. OG understood at an early age the importance of working well within a team setting. She stayed active playing soccer, basketball, volleyball and track & field, excelling in all. As time progressed, soccer [fútbol] became her passion throughout high school and in college. Despite injuries she was not ready to hang up her cleats just yet. OG went on to train with a women’s professional soccer team, only to find out upon return, that the U.S. league was dissolving. Determined to continue to compete at a high level, no matter what sport, the opportunity of playing women’s football presented itself in 2009. Growing up watching her brothers play football and not being able to play herself, made OG grateful for this chance. Without a doubt, she embraced her passion for football and shocked the world with her athletic abilities in the league.


Fashion Designer:

Artistically, OG is naturally talented on different levels. Fashion design is one of many gifts, allotting her the ability to express her creativity. She began sewing at the age of six on an industrial machine. Taking after her mother. Without any formal schooling, she is able to professionally cut and sew fabric into any type of style and much more.


Creative Entrepreneur: 

At heart, OG's core foundation is that of a businesswoman. With the guidance from God and her family, she will continue to be a woman of strength and diligence both on and off the field. Welcome to the World of iHeartOG!


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